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Related article: Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 21:04:23 -0800 (PST)
From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 10First, the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION, Copyright 2010. The
narrative that follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The
characters in the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact
Me to meet these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these
slaves. Also contact me with any praise, criticism, or
suggestions. All feedback is good.Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 10Ryan awoke to see Alexi's beautiful foot at his face. Ryan moaned and
gently caressed it with his tongue like an obedient little puppy. "What a
good faghole." he heard Alexi's compliment and moaned and licked more
fervently from the validation.The preceding night was a blur of images, sensations, and emotions. He
knew he spent hours sucking load after load of cum and piss from Alexi's
cock, grateful for young naked lolitas tgp each feeding of His lola pics bbs fozya
precious juice. At some point,
Alexi turned off the current fucking Ryan's ass, leaving the plug inside,
and unfastened the fagslave's wrists and ankles. He put a phone in front
of Ryan's face, telling him to tell his dad he was staying with his friends
for the night, then hung up the phone and kicked Ryan off the bed. Ryan
slept on the floor, caressing one of Alexi's sneakers, inhaling deeply the
scent inside.Ryan's dreams were a jumble, but seemed to focus on themes of freedom.
Strangely, though, they were about the freedom he was gaining, not freedom
he was losing. Ryan never felt young nude black lolita more free than he did now. Free to truly
worship a Master. Free to truly be a slave. Free to be true to himself,
no longer shackled by what he felt he lolita prettel young kids was supposed to be.Ryan found a bowl of cereal on the floor near Alexi's foot. Ryan lifted up
his head, wondering if he was supposed to eat the dry cereal. "One moment,
slavehole. Let me finish preparing your breakfast." Ryan kept licking
Alexi's tasty foot and saw a strong stream of piss flowing into the bowl.
"There you go, fagface. Chow down.""Thank You, Sir, for providing me such a wonderful meal," Ryan said to
Alexi's retreating foot. Apparently Alexi had things to do. Ryan ate his
pitiful breakfast of piss and cereal, still reveling in the sensations from
the night before.Ryan finished his meal, picked up the bowl with his teeth, and crawled into
Alexi's kitchen. Once at the sink, he stood up to wash the bowl and put it
away. Ryan felt uncomfortable standing when Alexi could walk in and see
him; it seemed disrespectful. Ryan then crawled out of the kitchen and
found Alexi at his desk. He knelt quietly at Alexi's feet."Good news, fagslave. As long as you don't piss anyone off today, you'll
be allowed to cum tonight. Those little fagnuts must be dying to push out
a load, huh?" Ryan looked up at Alexi and nodded."Well, you know none of us have any interest in getting you off. But
you're one lucky little fagbitch. I found a cocksucker who lives not far
from you. He's a little shy, though, because he thinks you might know him.
I've chatted with the guy and we've set up a cool situation. You two will
69 each other. There'll be a curtain separating the two of you, except at
two lolitas bbs girls dancing
points where you'll both be crotch-to-face. Kind of like a two-way
glory hole. You know what a glory hole is, right, whorehole?" Ryan nodded
again."Of course you do. What self-respecting faggot wouldn't? Anyway, he
thinks he might know you, so don't say a word during the sex. But feel
free to moan and groan all you want. I'll be there to supervise the whole
thing so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Except this: just to
keep some dramatic tension going, as soon as one of you cums, you two get
pulled apart. So try real hard to cum together, ok?" Ryan's face was one
big smile."OK, slaveboy. In the meantime, you gotta keep me happy. I've got a list
of stupid chores to do that I've just been too busy to bother with.
Nothing impossible, just shit like laundry, washing my car, housework. All
stupid gruntwork. Funny, now when I think of gruntwork, I think of my own
personal grunt." Alexi affectionately tousled Ryan's hair. "I know it's
Friday, the day before Memorial Day weekend, and you've probably got a
shitload of exams you're supposed to take. But I'm guessing a smart little
suckbitch like you would much rather doing stupid brainless chores for Me,
right, dickface?" Ryan looked down, knowing he'd fail any exam he sat for
today, and nodded."So start with my car. Clean it up, inside and out. Worship my car like
you worship my prick, cuntface. Oh, I guess I should give you something
appropriate to wear, huh? Don't want the neighbors to freak cause some
naked faggot is out there waxing my vintage `vette." Alexi pulled a small
box off a shelf on the desk and presented it to Ryan. "Happy slave day,
cuntface.""Slave day, Sir?""The day you become a true slave, assuming you continue to behave. Open it
up."Ryan lifted the lid reverently, feeling an overwhelming sense of pride.
Inside were some short leather shorts, a Master lock, and about 18" of
heavy chain. Ryan bit his lip softly and his eyes started to water."Don't get all soppy-eyed, jackass. You haven't earned this shit yet. I'm
gonna let you wear the shorts, though, for today. With that cage wrapped
around your fagdick, it's gonna be a tight fit. You're gonna look like
some queer porn star," Alexi chuckled. "Put the fuckers on."Ryan did, and Alexi was right on all counts. It was a very tight fit, and
Ryan looked like a porn star. He looked at himself in the mirror and was
proud of what he saw staring back at him. The only thing missing was that
lock and chain. Ryan caressed them, leaving them in the box. He felt
Alexi looking down at him, His slave. "You earn those tonight. Now go out
there and make my car gleam, slaveboy."When Ryan crawled out of the house, Alexi finished the email he was sending
to Tyler:"I've got an interesting client for you this evening. He's probably just
some fag trying lolita girl 12 naked
to call himself something else. Figures if he has sex with
a straight sub like you, it's not being queer. He wants to 69, though, so
if you're lucky, you'll get a free orgasm. He wants you in your nylons,
boots, and apron; as femmy as possible. I'm going to put this together at
your place. I'll get there early and set things up in the room I put
between your bedrooms. It's going to be a 69, like I said, but he wants it
to be anonymous, so there'll be a curtain separating the two of you with
holes torn out so you two can both be crotch-to-mouth. It'll be kept dark,
too. He's scared to death that you know him, so you can't say a fucking
word. But go ahead and groan all you want. That'll help me know when it's
over. When you guys cum, nn lolita nymphet tgp I'm supposed to pull you out of there so he
doesn't have to acknowledge he's
just sucked off a guy. You'll be smart to try timing it so you two cum
together. And yes, I'll be there for the whole damn thing, just to make
sure everything goes according to plan. So just pick up some quick dinner
for me on the way home. Given traffic, I expect you there by 6:30
tonight."Yes. Everything was going according to plan. One more message to send,
this time by text:"Mitchell and Duncan:Tonight's the night. The fagboy and the fagdad finally get to meet. Pull
up at Ryan's place no earlier than 6:45. When everyone's in place, I'll be
at the desk in the front room, watching young nude black lolita everything from there. So wait
until you see me at the desk. The front door will be open. Come on in
quietly and make yourselves at home. This is going to be the best Memorial
Day weekend ever.Alexi"Alexi sat back and researched more about the mental tricks of submission
and SM while Ryan carefully washed and waxed his '69 Stingray. Alexi
chuckled. '69 was, apparently, quite a year.When Ryan finished waxing the Corvette, Alexi came out to inspect.
"Fucking beautiful, faggot. Good work." Ryan blushed and felt his prick
pulse against the pinpricks as Alexi continued. "I got to run and take
care of a bunch of errands. Spend the rest of the day taking care of my
laundry and cleaning up the place. I'll be back here by 5:30." Alexi got
in the car, turned the ignition, and left. Ryan already missed Him, but
felt fulfilled with the chores he was lucky enough to be allowed to
complete. He really wanted to do these things for Alexi, to show his
gratitude. Ryan walked inside, feeling it wasn't disrespectful since Alexi
wasn't there, and got to work.Hours later, His clothes were washed, dried, folded, and put away. His
floors were scrubbed, His carpets were vacuumed, His furniture dusted.
Ryan had just finished hand-scrubbing Alexi's toilet when he heard His car
pull up the driveway. He quickly crawled into the living room and knelt at
the entrance, tongue extended, presenting himself to his Master.Alexi opened the front door. "Well, isn't this fucking beautiful? And
good thing, too; I gotta piss like a racehorse. Don't spill, faggot."
Ryan moaned in pleasure as Alexi released His bladder down his throat.
Ryan had to gulp hard and fast to keep up with the pace, but he did it.
"Thank God," Ryan thought. To sun loloita teen bbs be this close to successfully pleasing 3
Masters for 30 days and to fuck it up at the last minute would be
devastating. Alexi tossed the blindfold down from the desk. "Go out to
the car and put this on. We need to get going. Like I said, this guy
lives near you and is afraid you might know him. You'll need the blindfold
so he's comfortable you don't know where he lives."Ryan obeyed and sat in the car blindfolded. Alexi got in and they drove
off together. Alexi was quiet, as He often was, so Ryan just sat in
silence. It didn't take long to get to this guy's home. Once Alexi turned
off the ignition, Ryan felt a chain wrapping around his neck and a lock
click into place. "Yeah, might as well lock it on now, faggot. I have a
second chain I can use as a leash to you can follow me around this guy's
place. Similar floor plan to yours, actually."Ryan started to cry. "Sir, thank You so much for locking Your chain around
my neck. You don't know what it means...""The hell I don't, shithead. You think this is all by accident? You think
I didn't plan every bit of what's happened to you?""Sir, I'm sorry, I only meant...""I know exactly what you fucking mean. You mean you finally found a home
for that lonely little fagslave inside you."Ryan gasped, "Yes, Sir. You -do- understand.""I'm no fool, faggot. Now get out of the car and follow me as I lead you
inside." Ryan felt a tug on the chain and followed Alexi. Once inside,
Alexi told him to strip off the shorts. Ryan felt Alexi unlock the cage
around his prick, granting it freedom for the first time in 30 days. Ryan
then crawled behind as Alexi led him into a bedroom. Yes, the place had
felt familiar, but only nn lolita nymphet tgp
until they got to the bedrooms. This place was
different, especially when Ryan was pushed into a closet and told to crawl
forward. "Crawl in and lie down, head first, feet down toward me. This is
where it's all going to happen. In about 15 minutes or so, I'll bring in
the other cocksucker on the other side of the fabric. Now give me your
blindfold, boy. And have fun. But I will be watching, so don't fucking
play with yourself in the meantime. Give that pleasure to the fag who's
going to let you cum down his throat."Ryan laid on the mattress and waited. It wasn't a long wait. The door at
his feet opened and he heard Alexi instruct the other cocksucker, "Crawl in
feet first. Position yourself so you're both where you need to be. When I
close the door here, start at it. You guys have fun!"With the fabric separating them, Ryan just kept his hands behind his back
and suckled the prick in front of him, pulling it into his mouth.
Apparently the other guy had the same idea; Ryan felt nothing but lips and
tongue caressing his desperate prick, already hard and dripping. Ryan knew
it wouldn't take long for him to shoot, so he worked like mad to get this
guy off as quickly as possible. It was pitch black once Alexi lolita girl 12 naked
closed the
door, so it made sense that the curtain was soon raising up and Ryan was
able to wrap his arms around the other guy, grabbing his ass and pulling
his cock deeper down his throat. All he cared about was the dick in his
mouth and the mouth around his dick.The other guy's blowjob was great, but it wouldn't have taken much for Ryan
to be happy. The soft top lolita nude models tongue wiping up and down against the stalk of his
cock. The muscles of this man's throat rhythmically squeezing and
releasing against his dickhead. In what seemed like no time at all, Ryan
was grunting and moaning, trying to hold back his orgasm. There wasn't
much chance of that, so he worked like hell to get this guy off as well.
Ryan's three trainers were good at their job; Ryan had been carefully
taught just how to properly please cock. Ryan had this other guy's prick
throbbing like mad and they both started to cum, screaming around each
other's meat, as the lights went on. Ryan opened his eyes as his orgasm
let up and gasped as he saw...
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